MSI Data Breach – how the hack threatens us and what we should do

This morning the headline "MSI Data Breach: Private Code Signing Keys Leaked on the Dark Web" shocked me a bit. However, it's not so much the fact that something like this is happening that worries me, but rather that many customers are not adequately protected. Often, the safety net that [...]

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New version! PSADT 3.9.0 – how to pack packages

Hello to all software package creators and packagers! Distributing software applications and keeping them up-to-date is your daily bread? Depending on the requirements of the software packages, however, it can be quite a challenge to package them quickly, efficiently and as automatically as possible. Fortunately, [...]

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Successfully Ivanti Master certified

We are proud! All unsere consultants have completed the "Ivanti Endpoint Manager - Master Certification". More than 10 years of client management experience, countless projects with very satisfied customers and thousands of man hours of Ivanti consulting services distinguish our consultants. As five(9)s, we have [...]

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