Published On: 6. April 2023Categories: Knowledge

ChatGPT – creativity out of the can

Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, a text-generating chatbot is currently the talk of the town. It is supposed to understand human dialogues and generate answers that a human could not have formulated better. This naturally appealed to our development team, so let’s get to work on the chatbot and see what it can do.

4 months ago, OpenAI launched a public website showing a common chat window. You type in a question or instruction and after a few seconds a detailed answer appears.

Here are some amazing results and funny mistakes:

Let’s start with a simple experiment – what rhymes with five(9)s? We type: Write a short poem with the words “five” and “nine”.

And marvel at the result: The night grows still, between five and nine Stars shining bright, the moonlight spills divine The world is hushed, the air cool and serene Peaceful and perfect, a timeless routine.

Very poetic. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

Continue … The ChatGPT is not just a bot that generates text for a one-time instruction. You can reply and customize the results and continue.

So we set a slightly more difficult task:Explain why turning devices off and on again often fixes problems..

And get a full and coherent explanation: Restarting a device can often fix problems because it clears the device’s memory and stops any processes that may be causing the issue. This allows the device to start fresh and can resolve many software-related issues. Additionally, restarting can also help to reset any hardware components that may have become stuck or corrupted, allowing them to function properly again..

Not bad! Let’s put a tock on it and ask for a summary of the facts via email. So OpenGPT… Please turn the explanation into a formal email.

And gets the following suggestion:

A successful e-mail! It is interesting that not only the explanation is copied, but the topic is introduced, the explanation is completed with an example and a summary is given at the end. The text is structured like an e-mail, contains the usual greetings and even the hint who can be contacted in case of questions.

With the help of billions of words, the ChatGPT has learned what an email on this topic would probably look like.

And exactly this probability plays a big role in the quality of ChatGPT’s output data! As you can see in the following example, where the chatbot then stumbles.

Let’s try a math problem: At the current exchange rate, 1€ equals $1.0639248. Please calculate what $6567657 would be in Euros.

And get calculated: </.



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