Published On: 2. May 2023Categories: Knowledge

New version! PSADT 3.9.0 – how to pack packages

Hello to all software package creators and packagers!

Distributing software applications and keeping them up-to-date is your daily bread? Depending on the requirements of the software packages, however, it can be quite a challenge to package them quickly, efficiently and as automatically as possible. Fortunately, there is a really helpful tool for this – the MS PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit.

The new version 3.9.0 of the MS PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit has been released. The toolkit does a very good job of supporting the recurring requirements of easy and flexible package creation.


Here we have summarized for you the most important new features of version 3.9.0:

  • Refreshed UI components with updated PSAppDeployToolkit branding added.
  • Support for Windows Toast notifications instead of the Balloon Tip (Windows 10 and later only).
  • Changes to dialogs so that the default system font is now used for all labels and buttons, resulting in a more consistent look and feel.
  • Improved documentation – Function documentation and overall layout of the PDF document has been improved – Now a new overview, new features and benefits details to improve user experience.
  • Updated text and new structure for comment-based help to align with PowerShell best practices.
  • Added detection of DefaultUser0 OOBE or ESP process to enable non-interactive deployment mode for Intune Autopilot/ESP scenarios.
  • Show-InstallPrompt now has a -TopMost parameter. Fixed the function not displaying a window when the -NoWait parameter is specified.
  • Show-InstallationWelcome now displays the countdown message when no processes are running once the CloseApps timer is enabled.
  • Show-InstallationProgress now supports dynamically moving the WindowLocation for existing progress dialogs (#685). When WindowLocation is set to BottomRight, the location is now moved so that it does not overlap with toast notifications (#685).
  • Show-InstallationRestartPrompt now has a -TopMost parameter. Fixed an issue where parameters were not handled correctly when executed asynchronously. The title bar now displays the toolkit icon.
  • Fixed CWE-428 security vulnerability that ensures ActiveSetup paths are quoted with spaces (#726).
  • The logic of -FilterApplication in Remove-Applications has been fixed (#665).
  • Corrected help text for some functions that contained old/incorrect information.
  • Fixed: $LocalPowerUsersGroup leads to errors on machines where it does not exist (e.g. Domain Controllers).
  • It was fixed


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