Published On: 2. May 2023Categories: five(9)s

Female power for our management

Even more female power in the five(9)s team!

We are very happy that Nadine Faust since mid-February our management actively under the arms. So that you get to know her a little better, we have asked for you.

Where are you from? I grew up in Goldbach in northern Bavaria, but now live for several years in the Miltenberg district, currently in the beautiful Großwallstadt.

Why did you want to work at five(9)s? The interest in IT. It is simply boundless, future-oriented and never gets boring. Also, the two bosses in the interview absolutely convinced me to become a member of the five(9)s family.

Which tasks will you take over with us? I’m reaching Felix and Stefan under the arms and will take everything possible from them, so that they have more time for our customers again.

What did you do in the past? So far I have worked in the automotive industry. I did my apprenticeship in a car dealership and worked as a dispatcher for a few brands for the last 14 years.

How do you like to spend your free time? On the soccer field to watch my son. I’m also very sporty myself and regularly go jogging, bouldering and do my workouts at home.

Do you have a favorite food? No, but I am an absolute epicurean and generally attach importance to good food.

How would you describe yourself in five words? ambitious, disciplined, quick-witted, dedicated, vain.

If you could choose, would you rather be a wizard or a superhero? Hmm… does one exclude the other? I would love to be a superhero who can do magic.

Welcome to the team, Nadine!

How to reach Nadine Faust:


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