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i-Mobil – The inclusive day of mobility

To be allowed to drive a right car myself once, that remains an unfulfillable wish for many people with disabilities.

Hoping to also carry others away with my enthusiasm, I would like to report here on my experience with people with disabilities and their feelings around this inclusion event. And of the happiness of having contributed a little bit myself.

After four years, including the forced Corona break, it was time again. The fourth edition of the cost and barrier-free event i-Mobil took place again. On Saturday, September 10, 2022, a total of 520 people with disabilities who will never be able to get a driver’s license were once again allowed to get behind the wheel of a car and drive themselves, accompanied by an instructor.

Making this dream come true for participants as part of i-Mobil, is notjust quite an extraordinary experience, but generated incredibly positive moments of happiness that had an impact on participants and helpers for months after.

As a member of the association i-bewegt e.V. I was among other things with the “application” of this inclusion event commissioned.

In the course of these activities reached me in advance requests such as “our son is blind a few years ago and he is also not yet 18 years old – could he still actively participate as a “driver” in the event?” .

And of course he was allowed and should absolutely! This is exactly one of the many reasons why this event exists.

It was all made possible by the many volunteers, the many sponsors ( and, of course, quite a few driving schools that made themselves and their vehicles available free of charge that day.

The effort was 100% worth it! When in front of you – in great gratitude – the parents of severely disabled children stand and even have tears in their eyes with joy, because their offspring juchzen. Thenyou know,that together with this event we will Rich


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